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“For a couple of pounds more than a burrito, it’s a tasty morsel of personality – but prepare yourself for a challenge – 9/10”


Guacamelee review published on Official Playstation Magazine’s website and in the June’s print edition. Pick up a copy or read it online by clicking here.

“…more rewarding than any Sudoku or Crossword puzzle when you find the consistency in the universe’s warped rules.”


ANTICHAMBER is like walking around an Escher painting: endless, confusing and terrifying at times. Yet, in doing so, you gain an intimate understanding of the twisted logic that defines the space.

When you start, you’re dropped in a stark white room with a chasm between you and a black sign. “Jump!” reads the bright pink text ahead of you. In any other game, this would be a predictable and familiar way of teaching players the jump mechanic. In Antichamber, trying to jump the gap will land you at the bottom of the pit – but a sign reads “failing to succeed does not mean failing to progress”.

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