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By the end of my fifty-second round of Super Avalanche, my wrist is cramping up, I’m visibly shaking and I’ve got a big, stupid grin on my face. I’m ready to go again.

Endless runners and endless climbers always create a peak of rectum-clenching tension when you’re on your streak of seemingly impossible near-escapes. Yet, most will lose their grip after logging an hour or two of play time. Super Avalanche is different, it’s in for the long haul. With RPG-style upgrades and inventory management, calling this bouncy package of fun an ‘endless runner’ might be underselling it.

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Originally written for The Elektrospank

Rich Edwards is no stranger to fast, over-the-top shooters with a penchant for explosions. 2012’s Pineapple Smash Crew threw a handful of highly volatile munitions into a pot, mixed it in with some squad-based assaults, poured it out into a series of retro-styled intergalactic arenas before garnishing with a soundtrack full of the kind of thick, multi-layer chiptunes to drive marathon murderin’ sessions.

Straying away from the precise, calculated gameplay which usually makes a top-down arena shooters thrive, Smash Crew replaced it with looser physics, an explosive arsenal, and more general bombast. Rich’s latest game Car Tank introduces yet more unpredictability and roaring, high-speed explosions.

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