“…more rewarding than any Sudoku or Crossword puzzle when you find the consistency in the universe’s warped rules.”


ANTICHAMBER is like walking around an Escher painting: endless, confusing and terrifying at times. Yet, in doing so, you gain an intimate understanding of the twisted logic that defines the space.

When you start, you’re dropped in a stark white room with a chasm between you and a black sign. “Jump!” reads the bright pink text ahead of you. In any other game, this would be a predictable and familiar way of teaching players the jump mechanic. In Antichamber, trying to jump the gap will land you at the bottom of the pit – but a sign reads “failing to succeed does not mean failing to progress”.

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“Oh, so this is where we go to get the cocaine,” says Aaron Barrett as he flips through the latest issue of Exeposé.

Lead singer and only founding member remaining in the pop-punk-ska ensemble responsible for the up-tempo condemnations of the record industry Sell Out and Everything Sucks, he’s walked into the room halfway through the interview, followed by a tall, heavily made up, blonde embodiment of the rockstar lifestyle.

Matt Appleton, the group’s newbie sax player, also paws through the scandalous issue. “Does it tell us anything about where the marijuana is on campus? I’m looking for that too.”

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Written for Exeposé Online, published on embargo day.


Unsheathing Raiden’s lighting-spitting high-frequency blade and carving through the head of an adversary cyborg refreshes sword fighting with a grisly intensity. You can leave one-legged half bodies hopping in circles before falling onto the ground like freshly sliced deli salami. The power and precision of Kojima’s E3 2010 ‘stealth action’ tech demo has been stylishly realised, now distilled as a pure, frantic beat ’em up with a little help from Platinum.

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Written from Ubisoft’s London event, written for Exeposé Online

Don your tri-point and practice your best shanty, Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag will explore the golden age of piracy in the Caribbean.


Set for release in summer 2013, the Ubisoft game will be released on all current-gen platforms in addition to the Wii-U and PS4. A massive naval open world, seamless gameplay, and an all new progression system promise an Assassin’s Creed game rich with prizes, plunder and adventure.

Edward Kenway, grandfather of AC3’s protagonist Conor Kenway, will fill the lead role inside the world of the animus while you – that’s right, you -become the star of present day gameplay set in ‘Abstergo Entertainment’. Read on as Exeposé gives you the full breakdown of Ubisoft’s historical stealthy slasher.

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How Eric Zimmerman, Naomi Clark and the Brooklyn Game Ensemble are avoiding trends and tropes to create a metaphysical experience.

My first real (legit, 100% proven) freelance article for a site I’m a little in awe of. Click the image to read it.

Iteration fetishism

Originally written for Exeposé

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Moby Gear Solid?

The Spike VGAs in December surprised us with a trailer for The Phantom Pain, the debut title from Swedish ‘Moby Dick’ studio. Featuring an enormous flaming whale and a massacre committed by supernatural solider’s, the trailer’s amputee protagonist bore resemblance to Big Boss (naked snake).

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