Note: this is selection of my recent work, to see all of my articles, click on ‘home’.


“Iteration Fetishism: Marking an infinite library” – (link) – A long form, serious feature on the story of the Brooklyn Game Ensemble. Five indie developers seek to create an experience that is procedural, infintely re-combinable and replayable.

“In for the long haul” – Official Playstation Magazine (link) – A gallery feature looking at games with extraordinary development times which escaped cancellation.


“Staying playful with Keita Takahashi” – Exeposé (link) – Coverage of Keita’s talk at the Babycastles summit in NYC during August. It explores his history, his approach to game design and his ill-fated playground design.

“Veni Sancte Spiritus” – Exeposé (jpeg) (link) – Andy Robertson (‘Geek Dad’) played a thatgamecompany’s flower in a church, hoping to bring video games to acceptable as part of worship.


“Molyneux: ‘Microsoft scared of innovation'” – Exeposé (jpeg) (link) – Just about to move offices, Peter Molyneux OBE allows me inside 22Cans to talk about what was going wrong at Microsoft, and how his ‘experiments’ began.

“‘A piece of shit on stick’ – Reel Big Fish interview” – Exeposé (link) – An uncharacteristic interview with a band (or ‘album developer’). I’ve been a fan of RBF since I was very young, this was sort of a dream some true.


Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag: “Shiver me Timbers!” – Exeposé (link) – From the unveiling in London.

Quantum Conundrum: “Peering into the Multiverse” – GamesRadar (link) – From Future Publishing offices in Bath.


Guacamelee – Official Playstation Magazine (link)
Antichamber – Exeposé (jpeg) (link)


VARIOUS DAILY NEWS – BitPulse (link)
Killer 7-esque game to be released 2013 – GamesRadar (link)
Weekly news round-up – Exeposé (link)


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